Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A great gift book just released "Animals and the Kids Who Love Them"


Recently I was inspired to write a story about our daughter Brittany and her relationship with our dog Maya. The story won inclusion in a collection of stories just released by Linda and Allen 
Anderson from Angel Animal Network. It is called Animals and the Kids Who Love Them

      Britty and Maya have a very unique relationship. You see neither  of them talk but they sure communicate with each other. Britty is autistic and Downs. Maya is a German wire-haired pointer and a bit obsessive complusive (not only puts all her toys away but also everything she finds on the floor she tucks into her dog bed). Some who see them together assume Maya is a Service Dog for Britty as they have such a magnetic connection. The book has many touching stories in addition to my story about our two darlings.  
Just to mention a few:  

• Ricochet, the golden retriever who surfs in charity events to raise money for children with disabilities
• Casper, the rabbit who helps a boy sleep through the night in his foster home
• Sparkles, the Dalmatian whose fire-safety lesson saves the lives of a five-year-old and her father
• Snazzy, the black pony who helps a boy learn to talk
• Cocoa Puff, the guinea pig who loves hearing children read
• Frankie, the dachshund with “wheel legs” who helps a boy with a leg brace find hope

If you buy a copy at the Inn, we donate proceeds to the Hastings Animal Ark. We also have another book for sale at the Inn with one of my stories about our springer spaniel Gracie. That book also by Linda and Alan Anderson is Angel Dogs. Linda and Allan have 14 books related to human connections with animals. One of our favorites to give to friends when they have suffered the loss of a pet is Saying Goodbye to your Angel Animals
They are available at most bookstores and Amazon but we recommend you buy right from their website and enjoy an autographed edition and a nice discount up until December 15th on their new release.    


  1. Great read, I will have to look out for this book. Britty and Maya look like great friends; I have been looking into training classes for our pooch to see what it would take to train it as a service dog. My girlfriend teaches autistic children, and she has seen wonders happen when a dog is introduced to them. Good read, nice blog by the way.

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