Monday, November 21, 2011

Making B & B travel an annual tradition at Classic Rosewood in Hastings

Long story short ……Glad to say, The "Kids" loved it here and we loved having them!
Short story long........A gathering of three couples, all friends from the same church, stayed at Rosewood this past season. We were honored to be their latest celebration location of the last 30 some years. Anyone younger than Dick and I we call “Kids”. I think they liked that. We shared stories and we were thrilled their B & B adventures were with many of our friends in the industry. I loved journeying through the reminiscing scrapbook they brought along with two pages dedicated to each year and inn. (They had to ask for it back)

We are B & B travelers ourselves when we can and trade overnights with other innkeepers. We were in fact B & B advocates before we started our inn and I worked for Northwest Airlines. It was inspiring and great fun to get to know an area from community spirited owner-operators. We have a favorite in Duluth, Minnesota (Olcott House); Bayfield, Wisconsin (Rittenhouse); Cedarburg, Wisconsin (Washington House Inn); Lake Wales, Florida (Chalet Suzanne) and even St Thomas, Virgin Islands (Cocoa House- sadly no longer open). We loved Anchorage and Seattle too but often had to stay at hotels as their B & B industry was not established back then.  

Some of our Minnesota favorites were also some of their favorites (Whistle Stop Inn, Red Gables, Park Street Inn, The Bohemian). Sadly two of these are no longer operating. There were many in their scrapbook we have not stayed with YET but some of those innkeepers I knew personally from my work for the Minnesota B & B Association. Not all were B & Bs –they had some historic inns thrown in the mix including the Calumet in Pipestone and the St James in Red Wing and Fitgers in Duluth. Historic Inns are fun too especially when combined with great in house restaurants. Our two local favorites are Afton House Inn (Afton) and Water Street Inn (Stillwater).

One of the things we love about being innkeepers in fact is hearing of guests’ adventures and love of B & Bs. It is indeed the diversity in the industry and locations that inspires B & Bers to continue to choose a new destination and feed the industry.

So here we had these fun loving “kids” who sought out the local adventures in the Hastings area.  We like to think the golfers, the shoppers, the foodies and the wine connoisseurs in them were all satisfied. We were even thinking our section in the scrapbook should earn more than the two pages allotted each year’s pick. But I am sure all  innkeepers think the same.

We are sure many know about visiting state B &B association websites to find a Quality Assured property and learn of special packages and and And often times if traveling with friends, innkeepers will give you a package deal like we did for this group (free in house supper one of the nights since they booked three rooms for three nights)

We so enjoyed serving this bunch and hope our friends in the industry will have as much fun as we did with them. Or selfishly we hope the “Kids” might come back and break their rule of a different spot each year and return to make this short story even longer.  They might even choose our other inn --the Thorwood  as some groups of friends have. The Lumber Baron Condo at Thorwood can be arranged for three couples or a gathering of girlfriends. It has five fireplaces, gourmet kitchen to do your own Top Chef Challenge, private elevator, patio, gas grill. Or enjoy the Penthouse with its two bedrooms and beautiful Solairum (see above photo). We would even invite you over to Rosewood for breakfast one of the mornings and enjoy a chat about your favorite B & Bs.      

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