Monday, August 29, 2011

Minnesota – it’s always about the weather

February 18th, 2011 
Welcome to our new blog at Rosewood and Thorwood. Sorry to start with talk about the weather but that is what Minnesotans do. Can’t help but think about the first snow of this year and how perfect and beautiful it was. The first of the season is always so fluffy and whiter than white and easy to shovel. Also perfect is using the snow to spell romance.  One fellow staying last week (Valentine week) trekked through the crusty topped snow on the north side of Rosewood and stomped out a giant heart in the snow with his sweetie’s and his initials in it. They had breakfast in their room and as he poured her coffee for her, he reached over and flung open the drapes for her to see. How romantic is that? He must have done it in the middle of the night after she went to sleep because it was a total surprise she said as she shared the story.

Snow blown front porch at Thorwood

And yes we live vicariously through our guests –how can you not think romance with deeds like that? And so that is how we get exercise (vicariously) too. Many of our guests have their own snowshoes. One couple said they started out here four years ago renting snowshoes at Carpenter’s for their moonlight hikes and realized they had to buy their own.  When the snow is just right it is like walking in bunny slippers on clouds they said. They come back every year to snowshoe and snuggle. There are two superb areas for cheap snowshoe rental within just a few miles from the inns. (Carpenter St Croix Valley Nature Center and Afton State Park).

We are hearing now that we may or may not get one to twelve inches on Sunday. Our weathermen sure give themselves a lot of room for error. But that is OK as long as our guests  get here. We love for you to get snowed in.  We will just keep baking cookies and bringing wood and food to you. If we run out of food, our favorite little grocery store where we get most everything good and local and organic (Spiral Food Co-op) is within a short snowshoe hike away. What better excuse to not be at work or school or home, SNOWED-IN IN  AN INN IN HASTINGS.  Hope to see you soon. If it’s snowing -just get here!

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