Monday, August 29, 2011

Chorus of Chicks with Sticks at Rosewood

July 28th, 2011  
It was a hot summer night and a group of eight or was it nine (who call themselves “Chicks with Sticks”) invaded Rosewood. No generation division here as mothers, daughters, sisters and friends sellled in for a night of chatter and creating. Projects dribbled off their “sticks” in beautiful colorful form. Although I hear they are all mitten experts they also delve into sweaters, socks and “clog” slippers.

One might imagine the equal pleasure ladies of the era of this house (1880) likely had in equal measure to this bunch with their domestic creativity. They for sure were knitting, doing needlework, tatting  or hand quilting in these same spaces. And perhaps like this bunch could not decide: should we convene in the front parlor, the library or the back porch? Might their refreshments  also have been a spot of tea or glass of wine with green tomato pie?    

What was most pleasing was the laughter that tumbled into the kitchen where I was prepping breakfast for the next morning. Funny how there is no need to know the point of the joke, just catch the “music” of it and join in even from afar with  hands in the dough. And i of course recognized my own dear sister’s laugh who time and time again leads the chorus with the heartiest longest lasting “song” of all!

And so before adjourning for the night, with the utmost respect for history, the Chicks with Sticks each chose an eclectic hat from our house collection and posed with the portrait of the lady of the house Mrs. Rudolph Latto (Marie) center stage. We know Marie would have been, or perhaps knowing as I do the positive energy of the past in this home, IS pleased to have this gathering of like minds and busy hands in her home some 100 years since her passing. I was pleased and hope the Chicks with Sticks will invade again with projects and their “songs” and green tomato pie.

Chicks with Sticks and Marie

 PS. I hear that the recipe for Green Tomato Pie will soon appear on the website of the Borner Farm Project This wonderful nonprofit in Prescott, Wisconsin by the way is tied to the heartstrings of the Chicks with Sticks.. And again the ladies of the era of this house we now call Rosewood would be most pleased with the Chicks’ preservation efforts and respectful dignity they give to the past. With much gratitude to them and their work, Marie and I are honored to host them here.

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